Noor Abu Al-Rub

Educational consultant

After I graduated from the University of Jordan in 2005, I worked as a researcher in the National Study on Violence against Children for UNICEF. I then went on to work on several research projects and institutions concerned with children’s learning difficulties. After that, I obtained my master’s degree in educational psychology/measurement and evaluation in conjunction with my work in many institutions specialized in training and rehabilitating individuals with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disorders, where I moved from a trainer to a program supervisor and then worked as a technical director and then as a consultant for many institutions and programs of early intervention

I had been trained on many advanced courses including but not limited to  specialized training courses in growth and development assessment, applied behavior analysis, play therapy, intelligence measures, Stanford Binet 5, Global Performance Scale, Liter), Verbal Behavior and Development Measure (VB-MAPP),

For 17 years I have been implementing various specialized programs and measures – evaluation, diagnostic, individual programming, early intervention, special education services, school, and social integration, and implementing various specialized programs and standards –In addition to organizing and attending numerous scientific nationally and internationally.

 Furthermore, I have been working as a consultant for establishing several rehabilitation centers in Jordan, and a consultant in the Scientific Committee for the preparation of the autism spectrum disorder diagnosis protocol at the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and in cooperation with the Accreditation Council for Health. In 2018, I enrolled in the Ph.D. program in special education and I was pleased to standardize the Connors Scale for Early Childhood Behavioral Problems in the Jordanian Environment, which targeted (1200) children from the centers, north and south of the Kingdom. I also participated in developing the Jordanian edition of the Miller-Palmer Scale for Development and Growth (MPR) with Bana Foundation. I have joined ABA Resources believing in the need to develop families, professionals, and institutions in the Arab world.