Mustafa Denou

C o   F o u n d e r  –  E x e c u t i v e   D i r e c t o r

In 2016, Mustafa Denou began his career as an activist on issues related to ASD “Autism Spectrum Disorder” which led him later to establish the Autism Spectrum Forum, which aims at empowering families of children with Autism. He studied “Community Organizing and Leading Collective Action for Change” with  Ahel Organisation and continues to develop his studies in “Advanced Community Organizing” to become a certified trainer in Organizing, Public Narrative, and Campaign Coaching. 

In 2019 Mustafa completed his executive education in “Public Narrative: Storytelling, Leadership and Action” from Harvard Kennedy School and has since worked in Community Mobilization and advocacy alongside fellow activists in the field.  

Mustafa is the founder of “Ebni”; a campaign that calls for the Rights of People with Disabilities in Jordan. The campaign has paved the way for an agreement with The Jordanian Ministry of Health and The Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to Provide free Rehabilitate Treatment in Governmental Medical Centers for people living with disabilities.  Mustafa is currently a coordinating member in “Athar Network” a network hub for community organizers in the Arab world as well as a member in “Leading Change Network”, Co-Founder of ABA Resources.